D2W – The Best Degradable Bags You Can Get

Introducing D2W bags

In the UK, almost 80% of the consumer plastic waste is sent to landfills, among which 8% is incinerated and only 7%of it recycled. Plastic waste contributes most to environmental pollution, and it is our duty to save our planet. Using degradable rubbish bags will reduce plastic waste.

Usually, plastic takes over hundreds of years to degrade. The D2W range of degradable bags will completely degrade in less than a year. They are made from environmentally responsible oxo-bio plastic, which can be reused and recycled very easily.

D2W – A Magical Disappearing Act

The only remains will be water, carbon dioxide, and a small amount of biomass. This is far better than what we will get after plastic degrades in hundreds of years.

A pack of 10 heavy duty bags with the dimensions of 74cm x 86cm with a circumference of 148cm is perfect for heavy domestic use (normal bin bag size). These are sturdy and robust, ensuring that they will not rip when the rubbish is in them. Plastic is strong, durable, versatile, lightweight, safe, and inexpensive. After it gets full, avoid accidental spills from the bag using the drawstring tie available on every bag.

When we first saw the D2W bags, it was difficult to imagine that something which would degrade easily would actually be strong enough for our household waste – which, funnily enough is the same reason why others don’t change over. But you can rest assured that they are just as good, if not better that the cheap bin bags that you buy from the supermarket.

They are very inexpensive at just £2.19 for a roll of 10 bags. Grab yours today and contribute your part in reducing plastic waste.

D2W and Doggy Doo

It is wonderful to see responsible owners clearing up after their pooches, by picking up the doggy doo in a plastic bag. However, therein lies a challenge.


Dog poo naturally breaks down quickly, and if left to its own devices will eventually disappear. Unfortunately, many dog owners then wrap it up in plastic, so it is unable to break down, and thus preserve it for the next few hundred years!

D2W multi-purpose bags come in rolls of 30, and are ideal for clearing up the mess. you simply use the handles to tie them up, dispose of the bag, and it will break down over a short period of time. Job done so to speak… oh – and they are also good for disposing of things such as nappies.


Any responsible dog owner who cares about the environment really should carry a roll of these around with them.

D2W Freezer Bags

These are my favourite of the lot. I use them for everything in the kitchen – wrapping sandwiches, freezing food, etc. I am happy in the knowledge that they will degrade, and I wont damage the environment.

You need to try them for yourself, but only get the large ones (100 on a roll) as the small one are too small for anything really.

D2W Summary

Whether you want black bin bags, pedal bin bags, freezer bags, doggy doo/nappy sacks – D2W have them.

I think the most important thing is that once you start to use them, you realise how much you were damaging the planet by putting bags in landfills that wouldn’t break down for hundreds of years. But by using D2W bags, you were making a giant leap forward in becoming more environmentally – and as they say, the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step…

Do it today. CLICK HERE to get your bags delivered to your door, and join the other superheroes around the country.


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