Wikaniko – The UK’s No1 Eco-friendly Opportunity for 2021

The Eco-friendly Way to Make an Income From Home

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Wikaniko is an MLM company based in the UK. It is known for its eco-friendly home, health, and cleaning products. Nevertheless, what makes them stand out from their competitors is their enviable reputation.

Unlike most multi-level marketing companies that we’ve seen in the past, Wikaniko is a company that has not ever been subject to scams or controversial reports during its 10 years of operation.

Instead, this company gets positive feedback from customers and sellers, adding that its products are fairly-priced, the company is ethical, and the support is phenomenal.

The company’s core focus on providing eco-friendly products seems to fit right into current trends. Several people out there want to live more sustainably – and finding a company that offers eco-friendly products at a reasonable price will be perfect.

Aside from Wikaniko being more like an e-commerce store where you can purchase high-quality health, home, and cleaning products, individuals can also earn extra income from home by promoting the products featured on Wikaniko.

Way to Make an Income

It is great from a sales perspective, because Wikaniko offers products that people regularly use, unlike many other MLMs companies.

Eco-friendly seems to be the fastest-growing trend because, like it or not, when you hand over two products with similar prices to some people, they will opt-in for the eco-friendly version – unless they simply do not care about the awful damage that we are doing to our world.

Even if the products were more highly-priced than the market price, many people still prefer to go for eco-friendly products.

However, the interesting thing is that Wikaniko is not one of those MLM companies that claim to offer completely eco-friendly or entirely green products, which is simply not realistic.

Instead, Wikaniko places its whole ethos on being greener or better for the environment.

Wikaniko Pricing

The major drawback of most MLM companies is the price of their products. Products sold by most MLMs companies also seemed to be 40%-70% more expensive than the market price (and sometimes 200 – 300% more!)

But it doesn’t just end there. These products usually have a torrent of negative reviews despite being on the higher side of the price spectrum.

Nevertheless, that’s not the case with Wikaniko. The company is focused solely on eco-friendly products and offers these products at a reasonable price, making them comparable with the standard market price. so now check out this wikaniko product and make another Way to Make an Income.

Wikaniko Products Catalogue

When you have a lookout at their official site, you’ll find out that Wikaniko is more like an e-commerce store offering a vast range of products. They have various product categories, but for this review, I will focus on the main categories, which include:

Baby & Child Lotion Nappy Sacks Blankets and bibs BathBody & Hair Skincare Bath & Shower Shampoo & Conditioner Dental Care Soap Bars Deodorants Shaving Feminine Care Hand washCleaning Bathroom Laundry KitchenOutdoor Sun Care Pond Care Garden Care Travel  Health Magnotherapy Aromatherapy Supplements Feminine CareHome Bathroom Candles Bags Pets Fresheners

Wikaniko products are packaged in recyclable, plastic-free, reusable and biodegradable packs.

Two Ways to Earn With Wikaniko

The cost of setting up as an individual distributor requires just £24.95, and there is the usual website maintenance fee of £4.95

You won’t spend much to kickstart your fantastic home business as a distributor, making Wikaniko ideal compared to other ‘earn from home’ opportunities out there. this is a genuine and working Way to Make an Income.

Furthermore, there is no auto-ship requirement, which seems to be a lacking feature in other MLM brands. What this entails is that you won’t be compelled to buy your product. You buy through choice.

Wikaniko offers between 35% and 45% commission on sales. However, this is based on the distributor commissionable volume (CV) at the end of each month. For example, 2 CV = £2 in sales.

Nevertheless, Wikaniko also informs distributors that this might be subject to change, especially when your profit margin is smaller, and then £2 in sales will provide less than 2 CV.  

This system makes it a bit tedious to determine your earning, and the pattern also implies that the sales of some products are of more value than others.

Still, we like that Wikaniko keeps everything out in the open for distributors letting them know the reason behind such an approach.

Wikaniko, unlike other MLM brand, is keen on user satisfaction, which is why it implores a purchase-first model for its product.

It means that you should use the product yourself to know its value. Imagine someone coming to your home (in better times!) and listening to you rambling on about the environment after popping to the loo and seeing chemically laden products (bleach, loo cleaner etc.) in there! It will also help the distributor determine if customers will need and want the product.

Apart from offering the sought after products to eager customers, you can make more income from Wikaniko as it provides a platform for team building. This way, you’ll get to earn from distributors in your team.   

You are also able to earn through the Wikaniko Group Volume Commission (GVC) via the people you’ve recruited. 


  • Affordable start-up costs
  • Diverse range of products at fair prices
  • Eco-friendly focused to a better environment
  • The compensation plan is easy to understand
  • Training provided for distributors
  • Excellent support

Cons (what can be improved on)

  • Focused on the UK market only
  • You need to buy product upfront – they do not offer credit facilities. However, they do offer a no-quibble refund on their products

Bottom Line On a Great Way to Make an Income from Home with Wikaniko

There it is guys, everything you need to know about Wikaniko, the products their offer, and how you can earn with them from home with top Way to Make an Income. The only noticeable drawback is that they focus on the UK market, so ideally you need to be resident in the UK to earn from Wikaniko. (There are distributors who live abroad – France, Greece, Spain, etc., who advertise for distributors in the UK, without problems). Other than that, the company offers an excellent opportunity for individuals in the UK to earn extra income.

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