WiKandoIt (WeCanDoIt) Together in 2021

What a year it was last year!

Somehow, I think that 2020 was just a dry run for the main event. Time will tell, and there is nothing that we can do about it apart from staying safe and following the rules.

However, the pandemic is now creating its own environmental problem – and it is becoming a huge problem. Here’s why:

Selfish, careless people are simply throwing away used face masks like confetti, clogging up the world we live in. Think about it – billions of people discarding disposable masks every day is really not good for the environment.

Then, of course, there is the PPE equipment used in hospitals and care homes. disposable latex gloves, plastic aprons, masks, shields etc. whilst necessary, it is putting millions upon millions of tons of waste into our lives. We may have reduced the plastic bag problem a little, only to multiply the plastic waste problem massively.

Also, there are hundreds of millions of plastic syringes used for the vaccination roll out across the world. The vaccine bottles are of glass – which again, creates a huge recycling problem.

If you are half interested in who is making all of the vaccine equipment, and how much they are making, check this image out:

WiKanDoIt plastic

Staggering, isn’t it? All this stuff going into the environment. I don’t know about it taking years to recover financially – the environment will probably NEVER recover from this global disaster.

Together, WiKanDoIt…

However, we can still do our bit. Washable face masks are easy to obtain, and if you use disposable face masks, please be aware that a discarded mask can cause a lot of damage.

Yes, it might only be one mask, and you might only be one person against the world, but together – we can make an impact. thanks

Trevor and Karen Blake


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Judith Robinson

2 months ago

I am shocked too, but not certain what to do about it. Even the lateral flow tests that I take everyday before I can visit my husband in a nursing home produce throw-away stuff.
Re masks: someone told me to pull the straps off the masks before throwing them away because those are what get caught in fish habitats etc.
I’ve ordered a book called MOBY DUCK to read about the stuff they pick up from the ocean. Are you one of the collectors?


2 months ago

Thanks for your comment Judith. Sadly I cannot get out as much as I would like these days
I detest what we humans do to this world.

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